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11 Days / 10 Nights / 34 Dives


Start your adventure with Dive Munda

Many of our clients choose to start or finish their adventure with a land based dive and stay holiday with our sister company Dive Munda.   Choose from a 3 night / 4 day stay or a 7 night / 8 day vacation (or customize your stay for a personalized experience) to combine with your liveaboard experience.  There is a range of accommodation partners available.


Exploratory diving in some of the most remote locations in two countries.

There are few places left in the world where you can be a diving pioneer ... Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea offer that opportunity.

We begin our adventure in Solomon Islands, in the village of Munda.  Board in the evening and enjoy a relaxing dinner while you meet the other guests and crew before we depart for our adventure.

We'll spend one day of diving near Munda.  We have over 40 dive sites to choose from; perhaps we will dive the wall at Rendova, or Shark Point, or the Airacobra Plane.  There are so many sites to choose from, you may want to book a 3 day land based package with Dive Munda before your trip starts to explore the many sites on offer.  Let us know and we can help you organize your diving and accommodation

From here we move towards Gizo, best known for being the home of the PT109 and the story of John F. Kennedy.  Diving highlights in this area include the Toa Maru and 3 WWII aircraft.  This area is also known for rich reefs and striking walls.

We continue north towards Vella laVella and the beginning of our exploratory diving.  This area is visited by yachties and other mariners but has little in the way of tourist facilities.  This means we will be some of the first folks diving from here all the way up through Bouganville in Papua New Guinea.  

We will spend four days diving in uncharted waters.  Shortland Island has beautiful deserted sand beaches and warm sunny lagoons.  We expect to see turtles, sharks and healthy reefs.  This area is also home to many abandoned aircraft.  Imagine if we are the first to discover one!

We'll cross the border into Papua New Guinea and explore the island of Bougainville.  There are a few tiny guesthouses scattered around the island but international visitors are few and far between.  There are currently no diving facilities on the island which means we will have these waters all to ourselves.  It's important to remember that we'll be exploring these waters for the first time - which means some of our dives will be amazingly productive and some might be trial sites.  What we can promise is it will be ground breaking!

We'll make an overnight crossing from the top of Bougainville to the bottom New Ireland, also known as Latangai Island.  Again this area is quite unknown, but we are expecting some great muck diving.  We'll critter hunt together for macro life.

Finally, we'll spend two days diving the Kokopo area. The harbour in this area contains a fleet of ships and planes wrecked during World War II.  And because there are so few visitors to the end of New Britain island, the reefs are vibrant and dynamic.  The area is particularly well known for invertebrate lovers and has some unique shell life endemic to Papua New Guinea.

Rabaul Harbour was formed when an ancient volcanic caldera partially collapsed thousands of years ago, allowing the sea to enter. In September 1994, two of the nearby volcanoes simultaneously erupted and are still active. At night we can sit on the top deck and witness the fantastic sunsets and glowing lava of Tarvuvur in the distance.

Along the way, we stop at some of the smaller islands where you can enjoy some time on the beach or visit remote local villages. Come shop for produce for our meals or check out the local carvings. You might even be able to catch a game of football with the local village children!

This trip is also offered in reverse.  Please check our schedule to choose your direction and departure point.

  • Day One: Arrival in Munda

    Boarding begins at 6pm in time for dinner. Meet the other guests and settle in to your cabin before we cruise away to begin our adventure. Many of our guests choose to book a pre-cruise stay with our partner Dive Munda.

  • Day Two: Munda

    With 40 dives sites to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. Reefs, wrecks, sharks, caves and more are waiting for you.

  • Day Three: Gizo

    WWII wreck form the perfect structure for reef life to move in like this long fin lionfish.

  • Day Four: Vella laVella

    Where there are walls, there are fans … and interesting opportunities for underwater photographers to create an amazing shot.

  • Day Five: Shortland Islands

    Sometimes a break from diving on a deserted sand beach is just what you need.

  • Day Six: Bouganville

    We’re exploring … so who knows what we will find in Bouganville, Papua New Guinea.

  • Day Seven: Bouganville

    Another day of exploratory diving. We are sure to find some amazing things to photograph.

  • Day Eight: Latangai Island

    We always find the most amazing creatures while muck diving or critter diving. This Spiny Devilfish was hiding in the sandy bottom.

  • Day Nine: Kokopo and Rabaul

    Reefs and wrecks is what Rabaul Harbour is known for.

  • Day Ten: Kokopo and Rabaul

    The volcano at Rabaul is still smoking and throwing lava.

  • Day Eleven: Rabaul

    After breakfast, you will disembark in Rabaul in time for a town tour and a coffee, before your afternoon flights or the next step in your adventure.

We want to ensure you experience the best diving available. As such, we customize our itinerary each week to ensure you experience the best visibility, water conditions, wildlife, dive sites and weather available. Above is a sample of what you might expect on a your trip. Specific dive sites are always chosen with conditions, visibility and guest safety in mind. If you have specific dive site/local requests - be sure to let us know and we will do our utmost to include them. Itineraries may also be run in reverse.