Diver Magazine UK - January 2017

BOOOOOOM! LOW-FREQUENCY rumbling vibrations vibrate through my sternum. It’s an odd
feeling, not actually unpleasant – but not exactly enjoyable. A bit like the bass rumble on a loud dance-floor, but more exhilarating for the fact that I’m 30m deep, in blue water.

I’m hanging out with a huge school of giant trevally off the edge of the remote, and uninhabited, Mary Island. There’s not a disco in sight – for about 150 miles. What there is, however, far more
exciting than a Solomon Islands night spot (of which there are few), is Kavachi.

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Solomon Airlines In Flight - September 2016

A new dive vessel to Solomon Island waters is now taking trips to diverse dive locations.  MV Taka is best known for servicing the norther Great Barrier Reef, but her new owners, Solomon Islands Dive Expeditions, have relocated her to Honiara, the capital city of this island chain.

This 30m long vessel now journeys to remote locations such as the Florida Islands, the Russell Islands, and even west to New Georgia.  Our trip was a three night adventure to the Russell Islands, some six hours steaming overnight from Honiara.

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Scuba & H2O Adventure - August 2016

Buddy check, count-down! Three, two, one, then back-roll into the warm water of Mbaeroko Harbour, Solomon Islands. I check with the other divers, exchange the OK signal, then down we go. The first thing I see are the hard and soft corals encrusted on the thick steel wall as we glide down the starboard side of the shipwreck. Hundreds of gobies, shrimps, and anemone fish have made their home on the vertical drop of the upright sunken vessel.

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Dive Log Australasia - June 2016

It's been several years since I did a liveaboard dive trip on the MV Taka, back when it was plying its trade on the reefs north of Cairns, and I always found it an excellent boat to dive from.  This fact hasn't changed, but there have been a few other changes since!  The boat hasn't changed much.  The cabin layout is the same, and the large common area is brilliant for meals and socializing.  The standard of food is excellent, and the diving deck is spacious and easy to gear up on ....

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Scuba Diving - October 2011

The deeper I go, the more it feels like I’m freefalling through both space and time — 200 feet down and 63 years into the past, to a time when the world was in violent conflict. Nearing the bottom, I come face to muzzle with two ghostly 5-inch guns locked in an eternal struggle with the aircraft that sent the USS Aaron Ward to its grave. The massive guns appear ready to fire at any moment, lacking only muzzle flashes to
awaken them from their slumber. Dropping to the after deck, I swim around the ship’s fantail, past empty depth-charge racks, then drop over the port side to the sand for a peek at one of the Aaron Ward’s sculptured, highspeed screws. In life, the twin-screwed destroyer was a heavily arm

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