Custom Charters

Here at Solomon Islands Dive Expeditions, we are passionate about providing amazing liveaboard dive trips to world class destinations. As well as our regular trips throughout the Solomon Islands, we frequently plan some extraordinary expeditions. These trips vary in duration, location and purpose. There’s one constant though – you can expect an outstanding experience with a professional dive operator.

Taka is also available for private charter for research, exploration or holiday itineraries.  Whether you are hosting a family reunion, want to organize a custom photo shoot, are looking to organize a research expedition, or just want the boat all to yourself - we can organize an experience that will exceed every expectation.  Just contact to discuss rates for your specific project.

Examples of previous and upcoming private charters include:

  • 35 day expedition charter to Cape Horn, Australia to locate, identify and map previously undiscovered wrecks
  • 3 day charter to accommodate and transport 14 international observers in association with the election watchdog process
  • 24 day charter to accommodate and transport members of a foreign government organization involved in the identification and recovery of lost or missing POW's from previous conflicts
  • Numerous multi-day expeditions to remote island locations as part of the Malaria Eradication project

No matter what your charter need, taka ii is the perfect PLATFORM!