Solomon Islands: Best of Solomon Islands

11 Days / 10 Nights / 34 Dives

Exploring the very best of Solomon Islands diving with a focus on diversity.

This amazing journey gives you the very best of the Solomon Islands diving. You will experience the Florida Islands, Russell Islands, Mary Island and the incredible Marovo Lagoon.

We will begin our expedition with a westward cruise out of Honiara. One of our first stops in the Russells' will be beautiful Mane Bay.  With seven dive sites nearby, Mane Bay has something for everyone.  Whether it is the iconic Leru Cut with amazing opportunities for silhouette photography in a sun dappled canyon; or Blue Wall, with shelves covered in an unique display of nudibranchs, or the bay itself with cabbage coral, fusiliers and electric file clams - you are sure to enjoy.

We make an overnight crossing to the lower edge of Marovo Lagoon, the world's finest double-barrier lagoon and a World Heritage Site. Known for the some of the world's most biodiverse and healthy coral reefs, Mbulo Island offers diving among coral gardens and beautiful swim throughs. 

Just around the corner is a favourite site called Kavachi Korner on Kitcha Island.  Divers can often hear the rumbling of nearby Kitcha volcano while watching schools of twelve to fifteen bumphead parrotfish swim by.

Slightly further north, we find Njapuanu Island, with sheer walls facing New Georgia Sound (also called the Slot during WWII).  Tuna pace back and forth hunting schools of rainbow runners and trevally.  On the wall, titan triggerfish have made nests among the coral.  

While in the Western province, we also visit Peava village, a talented community known for their carvings.  You will have the opportunity to view the local handiworks as well as take a tour of the elementary school and meet the children and their teachers.

We loop back to Mary Island, properly known as Mborokua. which is notable for an underwater point that commonly hosts schools of barracuda and big eye trevally and the ocassional manta ray.

We spend a bit more time at the Russell islands exploring the points and walls. Karamulon point is a busy spot in the early mornings when the sharks come out to hunt along the point.  In the coral garden near the end of the dive, it is not unusual to find turtles resting or feeding among the coral.

Finally, we wrap up our journey with some time in the Florida Islands.  Tanavula Point is known as one of the most beautiful walls in all of the Solomons and while the current can be strong right at the corner, this also means we can watch tuna up close and personal.

Tulagi, once the capital of Solomon Islands, is now a small historic town with a number of significant WWII wreck dives nearby including a Catalina plane - lost by the US in 1942.

Along the way, we stop at some of the smaller islands where you can enjoy some time on the beach or visit remote local villages. Come shop for produce for our meals or check out the local carvings. You might even be able to catch a game of football with the local village children!

  • Day One: Arrival in Honiara

    Boarding begins at 6pm in time for dinner. Meet the other guests and settle in to your cabin before we cruise away to begin our adventure.

  • Day Two: Mane Bay

    Light dapples through the limestone while divers prepare the perfect shot.

  • Day Three: Mbulo

    Fields of healthy hard and soft corals create a home for thousands of fusiliers and anthias

  • Day Four: Kavachi Korner

    The BOOM BOOM BOOM of nearby Kitcha volcano causes the trevally to constantly scatter and reschool at Kavachi Korner.

  • Day Five: Peava Village

    The local school children welcome us with a song and invite us to tour their school.

  • Day Six: Mary Island

    Schools of big eye trevally, barracuda and the occasional manta swim by coral reefs covered with fusiliers and anthias.

  • Day Seven: Russell Islands

    Healthy walls and massive biodiversity means sightings of many species including the freckled hawkfish.

  • Day Eight: White Beach

    While this site is known for WWII infrastructure, it is also home to a wide variety of species including the orange lined anemonefish, endemic to Solomon Islands.

  • Day Nine: Florida Islands

    Schools of batfish pace along the wall at Tanavula.

  • Day Ten: Tulagi, Twin Tunnels

    Divers explore two vertical lava tubes which open up on to a wall of fans and gorgonian coral.

  • Day Eleven: Honiara

    After breakfast, you will return to Honiara in time for a town tour and a coffee, before your afternoon flights or the next step in your adventure.

We want to ensure you experience the best diving available. As such, we customize our itinerary each week to ensure you experience the best visibility, water conditions, wildlife, dive sites and weather available. Above is a sample of what you might expect on a your trip. Specific dive sites are always chosen with conditions, visibility and guest safety in mind. If you have specific dive site/local requests - be sure to let us know and we will do our utmost to include them. Itineraries may also be run in reverse.