Solomon Islands & Papua New Guinea

Undiscovered, Unexplored, Unbelievable



If you want to go diving, save yourself the effort of reading all those reviews for other places & just go here. Carmen, John, Justin and Adam (the dive crew know what it's about. They've got fish, dolphins, sharks, turtles, rays, crabs, octopus. They've got the lot. The boat is very comfortable. The chef was brilliant. I thought I was going to come away fatter, but it's the chef's alchemy creating delicious food that you want to overeat, but struggle to gain weight from. And there's plenty of it.

Ben Connett


Lovely and passionated people bringing you to ridiculously gorgeous spots! Would definitely recommend it to beginners as Carmen and Adam make you feel really comfortable with their teaching approach.

Maxence Ruckli


Best Liveaboard dive ship I’ve ever been on by far. We found so many nudies I lost count ... one dive alone I photographed 5 different banana nudie’s most with egg pods nearby. Already planning on next years dive trip and I’m looking at the PNG/Solomon trip.

Kurt Riehl

Bel Air

 Extraordinary diving

Amazing culture

Pristine environment


Solomon Islands

The Taste of Solomons offers a snapshot of our most popular dive sites. Explore further afield with the Best of Solomons and get out to some of the most remote and pristine diving you will ever see. Or step back in time and explore history on a WWII Wreck Trip.

Looking for a different adventure - why not try one of our Discovery Cruises - a specialty cruise perfect for divers and non-diving family alike.

Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea, choose the South New Britain route for amazing muck diving. The North New Britain route is known for big animal encounters on the outer reefs. Travel even further north to New Hanover for huge schools of fish in the ocean facing passages.


Transition Trips

Can't choose? You don't have to ... We also offer two navigator trips. The Guadalcanal and Western Province itinerary starts in Honiara and finishes in magical Munda or take a leap and join the Solomons PNG Navigator which crosses country boundaries starting in Munda, Solomon Islands and wrapping up in Rabaul, PNG.

20 guests

12 crew

1 amazing adventure






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