Solomon Islands

A nation of over 900 islands in the South Pacific known for its unexplored waters, pristine reefs, and World War II history, Solomon Islands are the destination for the real diving fan looking for a change of scenery, completely off the beaten track. Colourful, lush coral gardens, sea fans, decorative walls and caverns, combined with the most amazing marine life you have ever seen.

WWII Wreck Week

7 Nights / 22 Dives.  Explore WWII History through wrecks and battlefield tours.                

Taste of SOlomons

7 Nights / 22 Dives. Central Province safari show-casing the highlights near Honiara. 

Best of Solomons

10 Nights / 34 Dives.  Exploring the very best of Solomon Island diving with a focus on diversity.

Discovery Cruise

7 Nights / Adventure Tour.  Scuba, Snorkeling, Paddleboarding, Wildlife tours, Village visits ...

Guadalcanal & Western Province

7 Nights / 22 Dives.  Start in Honiara and finish in magical Munda - great combo for a land based stay.

Solomons PNG Navigator

10 Nights / 34 Dives.  Exploratory diving in some of the most remote locations in two countries.