Russell Islands - August 26 to 30, 2016

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! We have a small group on our four-day charter through the Russell islands  a perfect weather forecast means we think its time to go diving!?

 Our guests join a local villager on a canoe ride around Taka.  It is trickier than it looks!

Our guests join a local villager on a canoe ride around Taka.  It is trickier than it looks!

Day 1- Kicking off the adventure at White Beach everyone was glad to have good buoyancy to be able to avoid the explosive ammunition littered on the bottom. Being brave and getting some spectacular close ups of torpedos, jeeps and trucks was Pavlos! The Funnel gave divers a chance to stretch their legs and to surface just off a beautiful tropical island on a white sandy beach.  Karamulon was Dive three, where some divers were fortunate enough to see an Eagle Ray! Meanwhile Jackie and Jane were busy fighting off a triggerfish which gave everyone a good laugh afterwards. Dive four was at North-East Wall Mane, where with 35m visibility and black tip reef sharks, everyone enjoyed themselves. Last dive of the day at Mane Bay! Bec saddled up for her first ever night dive, and was all smiles afterwards. Zeenal had a great time whizzing around the tender with 8 other local kids from the nearby village. Great day out diving…. lets see what tomorrow has in store….

Day 2- What a spectacular start to the day! A beautiful sunrise and not a breath of wind, making the water unbelievably blue and visibility +40m! Divers on the morning dive at Blue Wall, like Bec, were amazed by the water clarity and water stillness ... seeing Grey Whaler Sharks and a Hawksbill turtle. Mirror Pond was up next, with lots of swim throughs to explore and even a cuttlefish and an octopus! Leru Cut had divers gasping at the beautiful underwater formations carved by Mother Nature herself. A quick photo op inside the cut made for happy memories. A relaxing steam to Ta Island made for quite a good dive as divers spotted a crocodile-fish hiding amongst the massive elephant ear coral. Returning to White Beach for a night dive! Mike found a Blue Ringed Octopus, hiding amongst the rusty war relics while Sardi was amazed by the amounts of Conspicuous Sea Cucumbers around.

Getting Ready on the back deck of Taka

Day 3- Sadly our last day of the trip, yet it kicked off with an awesome dive at Rainbow Reef. “It was Fish Soup” ... Jackie described it, as tons of Dogtooth Tuna. Trevalley and Barracuda were out to get their next meal. Kau Kau was excellent with the pristine shallows and Mossy finding a ‘Pippy Long Stockings Anemone Fish’ which Sol particularly liked. Coming to the last dive of the trip it was a good was to wrap it all up. Fish Market produced exactly that; Fish, Fish and even more Fish, divers coming up ecstatic to see that much fishlife. What a good trip and what good weather over the weekend. Hope to see everyone soon! 

Trip Directors: Jackie and Mike