Central Province - July 21 to 31, 2015

What a wonderful trip with some amazing photographers on board.  We journeyed from Honiara all the way west to Marovo Lagoon and back and did some truly outstanding dives.  Reefs, wrecks, caverns, cuts, caves, and adventures both above and below the water.  They say a photo is worth 1000 words but we think these ones are worth a million!

Thank you Jack Connick from Optical Ocean Sales for the amazing photography.  Check out his blog on his experience with his LX-100 in Solomon Islands.

Thanks to Bruce Versteegh for generously sharing these photos.  We did some great wreck dives this trip!

We started off our journey exploring the WWII wrecks in Tulaghi harbor, amongst those were the Moa, Catalina and Kenowa. We were enthralled by the sheer size of these deeper wrecks and marveled at the significance of what we are actually looking at. Our minds drifted to what Iron Bottom Sound looked like in full swing of the battle in 1942. What a treat! We also dove the bow of the USS New Orleans and learned about her interesting history! A must dive for sure!

We continued on to the Russell Islands and had fantastic macro dives on the WWII dump site at White Beach. We leaped over to Mary Island for some great dives and Barracuda Point did not disappoint! On our way back via the Russell Islands we visited favourites like Custom Caves and the ever popular Mirror Pond.

We looped back to the Florida islands were we renamed a few new dive sites (Gansta’s Paradise to name but one!). The “ 5 Aussies at the Bar” loved the drinks at the local bar in Maravagi!

Guest comments:

“Awesome 10 days of diving, eating, drinking, laughing and enjoying the service…” Geoff

“to all those who read this testimony… get ready for the taste of life you won’t find anywhere else in the world. World class diving, world class hospitality and universally great food and people…” Wayne

“Thanks to all the staff of the Solomon Star for looking after us for 10 days…” 5 Aussies at the bar; “Good fun & diving thanks for good service & interesting diving” Jack

“It was a great trip with a lot of fun!. Amazing dives, great staff, wonderful food! We do look forward to be coming back” Danielle & Pablo

“Thanks for a great time. We appreciate all the effort that makes these trips so wonderful. We have grown to love you all and will remember you and the Solomon Islands with great fondness…” Bruce & Diane