Western Province - June 23 to July .....

What a trip! On so many different levels!

Fantastic guests and great diving! We had no less than 8 countries represented on the boat this trip (Solomon Islands, Canada, South Africa, England, Ireland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and the United States). Great fun was had by all teaching various slang words to unsuspecting guests, “Eish” comes to mind….

pygmy seahorse.jpg

And did we mention Cyclone Raquel? What an unusual phenomena for us in the Solomon Islands in July. We managed to stay safe and warm and dry (apart from when we actually dived…) and guests and crew alike will always remember this trip as unique in so many ways.

The cyclone meant a diversion for us up to Munda, along with a two day trip extension (while we waited for the airport to open) along with some unexpected flights back to Honiara.  It all added to the adventure!  Guests had a lot of fun making up the agenda for relaxing in rainy and stormy weather…. We spent the last day fishing, and we caught a beautiful Wahoo for lunch and managed to get all our guests out safely and it time for work on Monday!

We dived all around the Russell Islands (guest favourites as always were Mirror Pond and the great walls around Samseon and Aeon) before making our way across to the spectacular Marovo lagoon. We were treated to a beautiful village visit at Peava and went on to dive the lagoon extensively! Favourites were Mbulo island’s caverns and caves and the passages around upper Marovo.

I was especially thrilled to be shown my first pygmy seahorse “Denise” by Sarah! What a sight! Thank you Toatelave Island.  Other rare and unique sightings included Devil Ray’s, numerous sharks, ghost pipefish and longsnout hawkfish!

Thanks to all guests making this trip memorable! 

Guest comments include:

Great diving sites and well organized dive entries on some amazing deep walls, really unique experiences and swim throughs.  Mirror Pond is an unforgettable dive…”  Annalie;

Have enjoyed every minute in the water and aboard Solomon Star…. Special thanks to all the crew for their friendliness and professionalism especially when an uninvited guest cyclone “Raquel” decided to join us.” Graham and Annie;

Fantastic crew, diving, food, accommodation, thanks to all…” Brent.