Central & Western Province - May 26 to June 5, 2015

What a fantastic 10 days! 35 dives; some great guests, some old favourite dives sites and some spectacular new ones!  

This time around we started our journey in the famous Florida Islands, searching for the ever elusive mandarin fish in Ghavuto, although they stayed well hidden, we found numerous small critters (nudibranch, pipefish and cuttlefish…) that made our muck and dusk dives absolutely phenomenal!  Next up was none other than the electrifying Devils Highway…. No need to explain the exhilarating feeling of being surrounding by feeding manta rays! We loved it!

We departed for the Russell Islands and as usual, White Beach delivered great dives! Mirror Pond, Leru Cut and Custom Caves are always a guest and crew favourite! 

Up at Marovo, thunder and lightning made for spectacular viewing at Wicham harbour after some amazing WWII wreck dives! It was only matched in intensity and power by Karachi (our very own underwater volcano) erupting actively during our time in the Marovo lagoon and on Mary Island. A once in a lifetime experience for sure…. Loud cracking followed by an overpowering boom, boom boom! This made Kicha island one of the best dives ever! Exploratory dives at Mbulo delivered new favourites, surely to be dived again soon!

After our village visit at Peave the night dive on the village reef was a macro muck heaven (leaf and banded pipefish, baby lobster, octopus, crabs and shrimps!). Sharks was the order of the day at Karanjou island and a Sicklefin lemon shark grazed us with its presence at Toatalave. Another spectacular and freakish first dive was the wreck of the Taiyo – a fishing vessel sitting upright on the reef at 40m. For sure to be dived again!

Thanks to for great photo’s! Underwater – Mac and Jose. Above water – Alex and Judy.

Guest Comments

“We really enjoyed our private trip to some of the best diving in the world! When we do the islands again it will be with you!” .... Mac and Judy;

“This was a fantastic trip that saw us visit some of the best dive sites in the Solomon Islands. The diving was varied and magical. The crew and the service they provided were exceptional”.....  Jose & Alex.