Central Province - Dec 15 to 22, 2015

With a small group of exceptionally happy Australians we were truly able to make this trip a personalized one of a kind charter. The boys were after big wall dives and yet again Solomon Islands provided exactly what we were after. Fantastic visibility brought in eagle rays, silvertip sharks, grey sharks and white tips. There was a keen interest in World War II history so we were able to sneak in a historic tour of the Honiara area, soaking in as much information as possible. While on one of our village visits, we were shown secret caves covered in bullet holes that were remnants of the war. Tucked away in a small village with only 30 residents it is now used as a hide-and-seek spot, but only during the day!

Calm seas allowed for us to make it out to Twin Tunnels in the Florida Islands where we were rewarded with thousands of fusiliers and unicorn fish, and of course the famous lava tubes that descend down to 36m, popping you out onto the sheer wall. This sea mound provides something for everyone, hosting hundreds of anemone fish as well as nudibranchs and sharks. Smiles were everywhere when we surfaced from this dive!

While we had a fantastic trip, 7 days almost doesn’t seem like enough time. As we were parting ways, our guests were already planning their next trip back, next time asking for more vacation time to allow exploring into the more isolated regions of the country. Same time next year boys, can't wait to have you back!