Central & Western - Nov 03 to 13, 2015

This was a trip full of milestones! In a mere 10 days we celebrated 2 birthdays, a 100th dive, 200th dive and a 1000th dive. With guests from all over the globe we learned how to say congratulations and happy birthday in a plethora of different languages.

The seas had settled after the previous week’s winds and we were rewarded with great visibility and heaps of fantastic critters. Within the first 24 hours we had spotted 7 ornate ghost pipefish, two pygmy seahorses, 3 spotted eagle rays, and bats (yes, bats on a dive!) Weather permitted for an exploratory dive on the exposed Western side of Njapuana Island and man oh man, it did not disappoint! From the minute we dropped in 5 grey reef sharks appeared, curiously investigating our presence.  They remained with us the entire dive as we cruised along a stunning coral encrusted wall with whitetip and silvertip sharks making appearances alongside the bumphead parrotfish and schooling barracudas. In true democratic fashion, the group voted and we christened the site “Njapuana’s Nose”.    

Next up was Kicha Island. While diving “Kavatchi  Corner” the nearby Kavatchi volcano was erupting, creating such loud rumbles you could feel the vibrations run through your body. My neck is sore from looking this way and that, going from the two Juvenile Rockmover Wrasse flopping this way and that, to the large marble ray cruising the shallows and then to the huge schools of jacks and rainbowrunners  swimming by. It was one of those dives where an hour passed by in the blink of an eye. As the trip continued we had spectacular dive after spectacular dive, and many a new friendships were made. Thank you Eric for the wonderful photos and thank you to everyone onboard for a fantastic trip!