Central & Western - Sep 21 to Oct 2, 2015

What a fantastic trip with a great group and return guests – we had lots and lost of fun and laughs with spectacular diving and amazing weather!  Thanks to our new friends at Ocean Trek Diving Resort in Brisbane.

We started off our journey in the Florida islands with check-out dives at Maravagi village. We continued to explore the Sandlfy passage with memorable dives at Kovohika Island and drift dives at Mbseari Point. We continued our journey diving the lava tubes and exploring the WWII Japanese base at Ghavutu island. Wrecks was the order of the day, finishing off in Tulaghi harbour diving the bow of the USS New Orleans.

We continued on to the Russell Islands with more wrecks at the WWII dump site at White Beach and the wreck of the Ann. Great photo’s was taken by the group as we had great visibility and just enough current to provide an abundance of fish life.

A guest favourite was (as always!) Mary Island and we did no less than 3 dives on Barracuda Point. We were thoroughly entertained by schooling jacks and Cudas with guest appearances by Manta’s. We loved the fluorescent dives in the soft and hard coral gardens at Mary Island. There is just something about Mary…..

We made our way over to the Marovo lagoon and were treated to spectacular scenery above and below the water. Who will forget the image of the full moon over the lagoon? We were treated to cuts and caverns and Cathedral was yet again a guest favourite! Spectacular hard coral gardens makes this area unique, untouched and unspoilt. The best of the Solomon Islands for sure! Kicha island of course did not disappoint and we were delighted to hear Kavachi active and in full swing! Hammerhead shark, turtles, Manta ray and bull rays were the order of the day. Guests had a fantastic time at Wilderness Lodge for some welcome and land-based time!

On our way back via the Russell Islands we visited favourites like Custom Caves and the ever popular Mirror Pond. The last dive and snorkel at Leru Cut was great!

We had a fantastic time with the Ocean Trek group and we do look forward to have you on board again on our new vessel coming in 2016!

Stay “Dangerous when Wet” guys ;-) See you soon!

Guest comments include:

“Thanks for a great experience (or many!)…. Lots of great memories to take home” – Virginia and Bill;

“Good food, good diving and good organisation” The Murray’s;  “Amazing first liveaboard diving trip” Dylan;

“The crew were great. The food fantastic. The diving amazing” Lyn – Ocean Trek Diving Resort;

“I feel very spoilt to see such variety underwater and some very special things like manta’s and schools of barracudas and jacks” Kathy;

“I loved all the wide-angle. Thanks for introducing me to world of Fluoro diving. The lava tunnels were unique!” Chris;

“Great trip guys, best diving and great food. First trip, great fun” Lindsay;

“I have loved all the diving and the fun on the boat” Boris;

“My second 10 day trip – both trips were amazing” Geoff.