Your Safety Comes First

It's been an exciting few months getting the Solomon Star ready to welcome guests to the Solomon Islands.  There have been all sorts of things to think about - dive gear, guest services, staffing, menus, boat provisions, and but one of the things that has been top of mind is what processes we want to have in place to ensure guest safety.  

Along with having all the standard things in place - boat briefings, dive briefings, emergency training for our staff, first aid and oxygen supplies - we are pleased to announce that the Solomon Star will be providing all of our guests with a Nautilus Lifeline for the duration of their trip.


If you aren't familiar with it, the Lifeline is an electronic marine communication and rescue radio that can be used by divers, snorkelers, kayakers - basically anyone out on the water.  Remember that movie "Open Water"?  While it was a fictionalized event, we don't want to risk any of our passengers being separated from the boat. With the Lifeline - we virtually eliminate this risk of a missing diver.

The Lifeline is simple to use, easy to carry and will provide our guests that extra margin of safety that is so important.  In the event of a problem, it will allow them to communicate to their buddy or any other diver in the water.  In the event of an emergency, they can send out a radio signal to any other boat in a 55 km radius.  

Solomon Star is investing in your safety.

Shaz KozakComment