Russell Islands August 28 - 31, 2014

Water is a balmy 84F / 29C.  Your 3mm suit is plenty to keep most people warm!  And most of our divers were out in their swimsuits!

We had 30+m (100') of visibility on all sites this week, which made the shark encounters even more amazing than usual!

Dive sites included White Beach where the schools of snappers were so big we had to push through them, Mirror Pond where we had 12 sharks come to visit, Custom Caves where we snorkeled with a big pod of dolphins, world famous Leru Cut, Karamolun Island where we got to spend time checking out the nudibranchs and Fonago Island with schooling trevally.

Next Russell Islands trip is October 9 to 12!


As you may have guessed, this shark is easily identified by the black marks on the tips of its fins.

Guest Comments


The whole crew is doing really well !


It seems a bit extravagant coming on another dive trip so soon, but I was so happy with last weekend and my partner was very keen to come too - so we're off to the Florida's!

"See you next weekend Cat, we are happy to have you back on board" - SIDE


I did have a fantastic trip BTW. The crew and Belinda in particular did a great job. I’ll be back for sure.

We are back in port after an awesome weekend with a wonderful group of local divers right here in Honiara!

Thanks everyone for coming out and making my first trip to the Russell Islands so memorable!

Belinda and the whole SIDE team!