Dive Shop - Direct Bookings

Our direct booking program pays a higher commission rate (15%) and puts money in your pocket sooner (at the time of booking).

If you are already selling travel as part of your inventory, why not add Solomon Islands Dive Expeditions to your product offering.  Your clients will book their travel directly with you. You, in turn, make a booking with us.  It is seamless to the client and the customer relationship stays tied to your shop.  Experience shows that clients who are booking their travel with you, often make additional retail purchases at the time of booking and again at the time of final payment which means even more revenue for you.  We can work with you to provide you real time availability on all of our trips and adventures so you always know what can be booked.  

Clients book their trip to Solomon Islands directly with you.  You collect the depost (30%) and keep half of it as your commission.  The money is in your pocket as soon as the client books.  Remit the other half to us to secure the booking.  

From there - you choose.  you can continue to administer the booking with the client and collect final payment for remittance to us or we can take over the administration and work directly with the client.  Our goal is to make it easy and profitable for you!  

And as a special incentive, for dive shops outside of the US, we often can provide you guaranteed pricing in your home currency which provides additional protection for both you and your client. Contact us for details.

How to Build a Successful Direct Booking Program

Make sure your clients know about Solomon Islands Dive Expeditions and make sure they mention your shop as the referring agency.  Here are some specific strategies to get going:

  • Stay in touch! Let us know that you will be taking direct bookings and we'll make sure you are the first to know about all of our specials and deals and any other promotions that we put together.
  • Prominently display SIDE brochures within your store.  Some shops will even add their own store information to the brochure to remind the client of where they picked up the brochure.  Click here to request brochures.
  • Like our Facebook page and share content to your own feed.  We have a number of great videos and news items that are sure to be of interest to your clients.
  • Put a link to us on your website as a preferred travel destination.  We can work with you or your web developer to provide images, text or even code to make this simple.  We are happy to link back to your website as one of our preferred dive shops!  Just send us your logo.
  • Ask us to run an webinar for your clients.  Schedule an event for your clients and invite them to learn more about the beautiful Solomon Islands.  We use Skype to come to you and can do a presentation to your clients on the diving, the vessel and the country as a whole.  It is a great club or social event.  Just ask!
  • Come visit us!  The best way to determine if you want to send your clients to Solomon Islands is to discover it for yourself.  We offer fantastic industry professional pricing on all of our trips and adventures.  Email us for more details!

Terms and Conditions

  • Retail rates are maintained our our website: http://www.solomonsdiving.com/rate-sheet/
  • Commission is 15% of the trip price paid by the client.  
  • A 30% deposit is due from the client within 10 days of the initial booking - you keep half of the deposit as commission, you pay the other half to us to secure the booking. Let us know if you want us to work directly with the client for final payment or if you will continue to administer.  Final payment is to be made 60 days prior to trip departure. A net due invoice will be provided to you on booking.  All other standard booking terms and conditions will apply.
  • Payments will be made in US$ by bank transfer unless otherwise requested.  In some cases, payments may be made in your home currency.  Please contact us directly to discuss.