Secret Solomons - Dive & Fly 

11 Nights / 30 Dives.  Explore the unexplored. Includes expedition diving at remote locations.  

Our newest itinerary - this trip includes diving at some of our favourite spots and also new sites that have only been explored by intrepid few.  Your trip includes 7 nights on board our liveaboard Taka travelling from Honiara to the far western reaches of Solomons.  Once there you will transfer to peaceful Agnes Gateway Hotel for an additional 4 days of exploration with Dive Munda before returning to Honiara by flight.

Trip Includes:

  • 7 Nights/26 dives on board Taka - accommodation, meals, diving
  • 4 nights accommodation at Agnes Lodge in Ibibu Cottage/Wing with meals
  • 3 days/6 dives with Dive Munda
  • Village visit to Karamulon Village, Skull Island Guided Tour, Peter Joseph Outdoor WWII museum
  • Beach visit, Kastom lunches and other special stops along the way
  • Flight - one way between Munda and Honiara
  • All transfers - Airport to Taka, Taka to Agnes Lodge, Agnes Lodge to Airport

Excluded from Trip:

  • Kastom fees on board Taka ($25USD per night)
  • Reef Fees at Dive Munda ($20AUD per dive day)
  • Nitrox, personal purchases, gear hire, gratuities

This itinerary is also offered in reverse - check the schedule for details.

We want to ensure you experience the best diving available in Solomon Islands. As such, we customize our itinerary each week to ensure you experience the best visibility, water conditions, wildlife, dive sites and weather available. Below is a sample of what you might expect on this adventure. Specific dive sites are always chosen with conditions, visibility and guest safety in mind.  If you have specific dive site/local requests - be sure to let us know and we will do our utmost to include them.


Air travelers can reach Honiara, the capital of Solomon Islands, via Fiji or Australia. Once we have your flight details, we will organize a pick up from the airport or the hotel of your choice.

As the sun sets, you’ll board Taka to begin your epic diving adventure. Meet the crew, mingle with guests and settle into your cabin as you cruise northward overnight to the magnificent Russell Islands, the first stop on your dive odyssey. 

We begin our diving at the Russell Islands, often starting at White Beach, home to a major American supply base during WWII. At the end of the war, an artificial reef was created by dumping trucks, jeeps, tractors, bulldozers and large amounts of ammunition.

From here we travel to two more dives with intense fishlife - Ta Island and Rainbow Reef.  Check out the schools of baracudda, milkfish along with cruising reef tips and some of the largest elephant ear coral formations in the world!

If that isn't enough - you will also get to meet some of our local Solomon Islanders with a visit to Karamulon Village today!

It's a five dive day today with some of Solomons most iconic sites on our dive plan.  Check out Mirror Pond and see if you can find the resident crocodile.  Leru Cut offers one of the most amazing chasms in the Solomons and Bat Cave includes resident bats along with pygmy seahorses, orangutan crabs and lots of other macro life.


We head eastward again to Mary Island, properly known as Mborokua, notable for an underwater point that commonly hosts schools of barracuda and jacks.  Explore the cuts and caverns behind Jack Point or the coral gardens right below the boat. 

Conditions allowing, we open the dive deck so you can spend the day choosing your dives.


It's onward to Wickham Harbour for a wreck day! Explore WWII wrecks that have been seen by only a few divers since they went down in 1943.  It's a live history lesson.

Image by Jack Connick.

Today we explore lower Marovo Lagoon with dives at Mbulo and Kitcha.  Have you ever heard (and felt?) an active volcano exploding underwater?  Today is your chance as nearby Kavachi is often working away to form new land.

Schooling sharks along with the healthiest coral we have ever seen!


It's an extremely special day as we visit Rendova Island, a remote island in the western province.  

After two dives on the reef, you will head inland for a bushwalking adventure.  This unique guided bush walk allows us to explore the flora and fauna as well as enjoy a kastom lunch on the beach.

Today you will transfer from Taka to Agnes Lodge and Dive Munda.  You'll enjoy two morning dives while we take care of the logistics.

Spend the afternoon beachwalking and exploring the small town of Munda before dinner and one of the most fabulous sunsets in Solomon Islands.


Munda area is known for its sharks so today we will be exploring Shark Point where we see black tips, white tips, grey whalers and when we are lucky hammerheads!

Two morning dives and an afternoon at your leisure gives you plenty of time for a hike or to check out the local markets.

Just after sunset, take a walk on firefly beach and check out the mini lanterns lighting up the night.

Dive Sites 2.jpg

One more day of diving, means even more new sites. Today is a good day to check out the Kashi Maru, a Japanese auxiliary mine-layer.  This is usually followed by a dive at Alice in Wonderland, named for its amazing mushroom coral formations.

Tonight, enjoy sunset followed by a meal on the beautiful Valusa deck.


Artifacts 5.jpg

It's a dry day today ... before you fly out tomorrow. 

We'll take a tour of Skull Island.  An early custom in Solomon Islands was to place them upright after death and allow the insects to clean the bodies to the bone. Skulls were then separated from the body and placed in a shrine. This was a sign of great respect. Visit Skull Island to see the remnants of this past tradition.

We also have a tour organized to the Peter Joseph museum, where local islanded Barney Paulsen has one of the largest collections of WWII artifacts in Solomons including ammunition, hand grenades, helmets, along with many personal items.  Nearly 38,000 soldiers will killed in Solomon Islands and this museum allows visitors to pay their respects.

Finally, we will enjoy our last evening sunset in Munda before our flight returns to Honiara in the morning.