Explore the pristine waters of Solomon Islands.

Marine Life


Solomon Islands has some of the most pristine dive sites in the world. Unspoiled and undiscovered, our remote location means there are not many divers to put pressure on the reef and fish.

We have caverns, reefs, large sea fans, soft corals and lots of macro including a huge diversity of nudibranchs, pygmy seahorse, ghost pipefish and more. The reef is covered in a variety of hard corals home to mandarin fish, eels and masses of reef fish. Many of the islands are surrounded by deep walls which allow divers to interact with schools of pelagics. The diversity of the Solomon's is hard to beat.

After WWII, the water in between the Florida Islands (Tulagi) and Guadalcanal was renamed to Iron Bottom Sound due to the 200 ships, 690 air crafts and countless landing barges that sunk there during those many months of battle. Wreck diving abounds.


Solomon Islands remains relatively untouched by influences of the modern world.  Located on the western fringe of the Pacific, north east of Australia, the Solomons comprise of 992 islands. Rich in culture, this pristine paradise is one of the Pacific’s best kept secrets.

Only 147, of the 992 islands, are actually inhabited. The estimated population of 560,000 are predominately Melanesian, while some outer islands are home to Polynesians and Micronesians. The local people appear shy but are very friendly. Off the beaten path, village life in the Solomon Islands remains much as it has been for centuries. Through our work in the area, we have relationships with many of the village elders and are often welcomed to bring our guests for a visit.

There is always time to enjoy a game of football with the local children, participate in a welcome ceremony, learn to hand line fish or purchase some local handicrafts.


Taka is a 30 metre (100 foot) mono hull live-aboard dive vessel. Built in 2004 and custom designed for diving, the vessel offers the best liveaboard accommodation in Solomon Islands.  She is spacious inside and out and in addition to generously sized cabins, we have lots of shared space both inside and out for lounging and mingling. All upper deck cabins have en-suite toilets and showers. All rooms are also fully air-conditioned.

Our large and open dive deck offers excellent storage capacity for all of your dive gear.  We have specifically designed camera facilities to ensure your delicate equipment is treated gently. The majority of our dives are done directly off the deck rather than off skiffs meaning we can offer more dives and longer dives than any other operator.   

Our chef has designed a menu that showcases the local cuisines while featuring recipes from our international menu. Local, fresh and abundant are the key themes in our galley.